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Learning for a Better Today and Tomorrow

It shows in our mission, research, and dedication to bettering ourselves and others. Excellence isn’t easy to come by, but we’re proud of where it’s taken us and where this community can go. 

The Emory Difference

For an academic community to thrive, it needs to have integrity, champion collaboration, and be willing to take risks. That’s why we’re dedicated to finding the people and creating the partnerships to further these ideals—and propel this community to its full potential.

Gone are the days of only traditional majors. Here, we foster creativity, curiosity, and the freedom that enables a vision for change. That’s why Emory students can create their own academic paths, combine seemingly unrelated studies, and hone in on how they can make the world better through their passions.

Teaching with Passion and Purpose

This is where you’ll find some of the brightest minds in academia. We don’t just teach or lecture—we equip and inspire students to make their own discoveries. We believe that creativity and innovation can make a difference in the world, and we encourage students to explore new ways to solve old problems. Our commitment to the liberal arts drives our critical thinking and individual expression. And our ability to tear down the silos across disciplines is leading to research that isn’t just game-changing, it’s world-changing.

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Faculty Spotlight

Poet and professor Jericho Brown says he believes that in addition to fashioning a classroom that investigates and hones a craft, his charge as a teacher is to help students develop themselves as women and men who appreciate literature and recognize art. "More than anything, I try to establish an atmosphere in which there is a sense of community where everyone is free to experiment, make mistakes, and ultimately, shine," says Brown, who is director of Emory's Creative Writing program. "I want to light the kind of fire for literature that will last in the hearts of students for the rest of their lives."

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