IU International University of Applied Sciences

IU International University of Applied Sciences

What’s the future of learning? With our tech-powered services, we’re delivering education whenever, however, and wherever our students want to learn—tailored to their individual lives.

And who can best describe what working at IU is really like? We asked our colleagues in the academic world for you!


IU International University of Applied Science (IU) Academia is a revolution. It’s beyond lecture theatres, campuses, halls, and cities. It’s the growing demand & expectation of education as a service from anywhere and the value it brings to over 100,000 students per year.

We’re the team that is driving the convergence of students, education, and industry without limits. We are not just teachers, but the innovators of new ways to work closer with each student and test our collective ideas in industry, in real time. We are closing the gaps between teacher and students, and between students and the workforce.

We’re a diverse team of hard working professors, lecturers, tutors, authors, & administrators, bound together by our calling to create services that serve the greater good. We offer a range of numerous benefits for our permanent employees.
iconDesign your ideal career and pathway
Explosive growth enables great opportunities. Tell us your dream career, and we will help you make it a reality.
iconWork from home, work from anywhere
We blur the lines between local and remote by embracing collaborative & video meeting technologies. You want to work from abroad for a while? No problem with our Workflex benefit!
iconFlexible working times
It’s your call. We trust you will get things done.
iconUp level your education
Enjoy free continuing education courses, language classes, and paid or discounted degree programs. There is always something new to learn!
icon30 days annual vacation for everyone
We strive for greatness, but we all take time-off to recharge. Ever thought about taking a sabbatical?
iconAlmost every IU job can be full-time or part-time
Pick what suits you!
iconWorld’s best colleagues
We give each other a leg-up when needed, and we collectively go beyond expectations.
iconAlways connected
Our state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, tools, & methods empower us to collaborate and innovate from anywhere, anytime—with agility and speed.
iconFruit basket was yesterday!
We offer you benefits that really make a difference: Company pension plan, job bike, discounted „Deutschlandticket“, employee discounts for numerous brands, site parties, workation and much more.

”I have never felt closer to my students as I do at IU. This empowers me to develop and grow
each individual according to their strengths, abilities, and life goals.”

Dr. Jasmin Franz

”I particularly like how customer-centric the work is here. We capture customer needs with tools such as pulse surveys or reviews and then address the needs of our students through, for example, small course groups, intensive work in teams or the digital enrichment of teaching.”

Prof. Dr. Rico Manß


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