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Postdoc position in 2D nanophotonics

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One postdoctoral position is available at the Physics Department of the University of Genova (IT) in the research group Nanostructures & nanophotonics.

Our research activity investigates novel nanomaterials for application in photonics, biosensing and energy harvesting. We develop innovative growth and nanofabrication methods (large-area self-organized, and nanolithography) to achieve functional arrays of photonic nanostructures (plasmonics, 2D materials), and/or 2D semiconductor devices. We investigate the morphology and optoelectronic response of the nanomaterials by using state-of-the-art scanning probe & electron microscopy, optical spectroscopy & microscopy (micro-Raman, photoluminescence).

The laboratory is part of the Physics Department of the University of Genova, a dynamic and stimulating research environment home of more than 150 scientists. Our Department is equipped with state-of-the-art scientific instruments (UHV growth and nanofabrication systems, SEM, AFM, STM, Optical & Raman microscopes / Spectroscopes), and has recently developed a new multidisciplinary facility (DIFILab) including a new thermal-Scanning Probe Lithography system (Nanofrazor), a growth e-beam system, a Super-resolution STED microscope (Stellaris). Our research also benefits of an active network of international collaborators.

We offer the opportunity to conduct innovative research in material science and nanophotonics, by working on a state-of-the-art nanolithography (t-SPL via Nanofrazor instrument) and/or self-organized nanopatterning to develop new hybrid 2D-photonic nanoarrays behaving as nanoemitters and/or as nanosensors. The optical response of these nanomaterials will be investigated via optical, Raman and photoluminescence microscopy.

This postdoc position will be one-year contract renewable, starting from February-March 2023.

We are looking for motivated and enthusiastic candidates who want to carry out cutting-edge research activity in material science and nanophotonics. The ideal candidate has recently completed or is going to complete his/her PhD and has experience and proven track records in nanofabrication and/or in nanophotonics.

How to apply

If you are interested in this position and you want to know more information on this activity please send a pre-submission inquiry with your CV and a summary of your research interests to Maria Caterina Giordano ( For more information please visit


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Postdoc position in 2D nanophotonics
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Via Dodecaneso 33 Genova, Italia
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