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PhD Call for applications 2018/2019 - 30 PhD positions - Multiple Areas
University of Camerino (UNICAM)
The University of Camerino (UNICAM) seven centuries after its foundation remains young in spirit and continues to make major contributions to the economic, social and cultural life of the town and its region.
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Published: 24 days ago
Application deadline: Jun 25
Location: Camerino MC, Italy
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PhD Call for applications 2018/2019 - 30 PhD positions - Multiple Areas

Deadline for applications: June 25, 2018

The call for admissions is now open for doctoral degree programs at the School of Advanced Studies, University of Camerino, Italy, for both citizens of the European Union and non-citizens, in the following areas of scientific research.:

a) Architecture, Design, Planning

  1. Theories and Design
  2. Innovation Design
  3. Sustainable Urban Planning

b) Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biotechnology:

  1. Chemical Sciences;
  2. Pharmaceutical Sciences.

c) Legal and social sciences:

  1. Civil Law and Constitutional Legality;
  2. Fundamental Rights in the Global Society.

d) Life and Health Sciences:

  1. Molecular Biology and Cellular Biotechnology;
  2. One health (integrated approach to health focused on interactions between animals, humans and their diverse environments);
  3. Ecosystems and biodiversity management.

e) Science and Technology:

  1. Mathematics;
  2. Computer science;
  3. Theoretical and experimental physics;
  4. Physical and chemical processes in Earth systems.

A minimum of twenty-five scholarships will be made available.  

In the framework of the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers  program adopted by the University at least 5 scholarships are reserved for citizens with degrees qualifying for entrance into the doctoral program which have been earned abroad.  

Based on the admissions rankings, at least five places in the doctoral programs will be made available without scholarships.

The programs will begin on or before the date of 30 November 2018 and will conclude on 30 November 2021

Required skills and expertise

Based on the documentation produced by the candidate, especially as regards the research proposal, the Admissions Committee will apply the criteria set forth in the European Framework for Research Careers (

for profile R1 (First stage researchers), and specifically:

  • Carry out research under supervision
  • Have the ambition to develop knowledge of research methodologies and discipline
  • Have demonstrated a good understanding of a field of study
  • Have demonstrated the ability to produce data under supervision
  • Be capable of critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis of new and complex ideas
  • Be able to explain the outcome of research and value thereof to research colleagues

The University of Camerino (Italy) instituted an International School of Advanced Studies with the objective of increasing the internationalisation of Doctoral education.

  • The International School of Advanced Studies plans, organizes, coordinates the courses to achieve the title of PhD
  • The Doctoral course is three years with a final thesis to be written in English that will be defended in front of a Final Examination Board, made up of professors in the relevant scientific areas. This must include academics and other experts (e.g. from research centers or enterprises), most of whom not from the University of Camerino, and at least one non-Italian.
  • In addition to the preparation of the final thesis, doctoral candidates are expected to participate in training activities organized by the SAS, all in English, to acquire transferable skills, (such as communications skills, research career development, research management and project funding, methodological skills) and doctoral training in cooperation with industry and other relevant employment sectors.
  • Conducting some research in public or private laboratories external to the host University is strongly encouraged.
  • To attain the final qualification there should be at least six months experience at a research or higher education Institution different from the University of Camerino and possibly not Italian.
  • The Seven principles for Innovative Doctoral Training underpin our research programmes.

Scholarships and benefits

The minimum gross amount of the scholarship is € 1,278.61 per month. An additional 50% on monthly basis is awarded for research period abroad.

PhD student will receive an additional total of € 3068, for their mobility (conferences, short term visits)

All PhD students will be covered by insurance against any accident and/or injury that may occur while carrying out their PhD activities

There are no charges to apply to the School of Advanced Studies.

Selection procedure

The evaluation of the applications for admission will be conducted by an Admissions Committee made up of the Director of the SAS, as president, the coordinators of the 5 research areas as per article 1  (or their delegates) and 5 outside experts. The committee will decide upon a short list of eligible candidates, the number of which will be 3 times that of the scholarships available for each area.

The list of eligible candidates will be published on the university website at and each candidate will be informed via e-mail. 

The eligible candidates, included in the short list, will be invited to participate in one or more interviews in order to complete the final rankings for each area. The interviews will be online and conducted preferably in English by a Committee appointed by the Doctoral Advisory Committee for each doctoral program.

Candidates will be notified of the  date of the interview by e-mail, with advance notice of a minimum of 10 days. The approximate dates will be from the 23rd  to the 27th of July, 2018.


The final list of rankings will be published on the university website at, and all accepted candidates will be notified of their admission to the doctoral program.

Contact and info;

Please visit our website: for all the details and to apply

Application form:

In light of the commitments undertaken by the University of Camerino in terms of the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers, the University has the right to use the HR-Excellence in Research logo.

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