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2024-05-31 (Europe/Brussels)
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Ghent University is one of the top 100 universities in the Dutch language area, with more than 44,000 students and 15,000 staff members.

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   →  Apply before 31/05/2024 (DD/MM/YYYY) 23:59 (Brussels Time)
   →  Faculty of Economics and Business Administration  
   →  Department: EB21 - Economie
   →  Occupancy rate: 100%
   →  Number of positions: 1    
   →  Type of employment: Contract of unlimited duration with a 4 year clause 
   →  Term of assignment: 4 jaar 
   →  Wage scale:  WM1 to WM4 (master degree) 
   →  Required diploma: Master  


Ghent University is a world of its own. Employing more than 15,000 people, it is actively involved in education and research, management and administration, as well as technical and social service provision on a daily basis. It is one of the largest, most exciting employers in the area and offers great career opportunities. With 11 faculties and more than 80 departments offering state-of-the-art study programmes grounded in research in a wide range of academic fields, Ghent University is a logical choice for its staff and students.


As the successful candidate for the PhD position at the Department of Economics, Ghent University, in collaboration with Prometis Lab, you will be tasked with pioneering research in the field of nowcasting and disaggregation of economic accounts. Your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Utilizing financial micro-data to generate real-time estimates of crucial economic indicators, such as GDP and inflation.
  • Developing sophisticated metrics through disaggregation to elucidate the intricate interconnections within the economy, thereby offering a detailed, nuanced view of its current state.
  • Contributing to the body of knowledge on economic fluctuations by enhancing our monitoring and understanding capabilities.
  • Collaborating closely with leading experts in the field and engaging in a dynamic research environment with opportunities for international exposure.
  • At least 90% of your assignment will be spent on academic research in preparation of a doctoral dissertation 


We seek a highly motivated and talented individual who is eager to dive into the complexities of economic nowcasting and make a significant scholarly and practical impact. The ideal candidate should possess:

  • A master's degree in Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics or a closely related field.
  • A keen interest in applying quantitative methods to real-world economic problems, particularly in the context of financial data analysis.
  • A keen intellectual curiosity about economic structures and the functioning of the economy.
  • Demonstrated experience and a strong interest in software development, (big) data processing and analysis, particularly using Python and in a team context (git versioning, CI/CD, etc.). Knowledge of distributed computing such as pyspark is a plus.
  • Ability to work independently and in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English for both corporate and academic audiences.
  • The readiness to start by October 1st, 2024, and to commit to a project that sits at the cutting edge of economic research.


Joining this PhD program means you will be at the forefront of addressing the pressing needs of the global economy through innovative research. We offer:

  • The opportunity to work under the guidance of Prof. Koen Schoors (UGent) and dr. Milan van den Heuvel (Prometis Lab, UGent), collaborate with pioneers like Kilian Huber (Chicago University) and Ludwig Straub (Harvard University).
  • A stimulating research environment within the Department of Economics at Ghent University, renowned for its comprehensive scope that spans various economic disciplines and methodologies.
  • The chance to contribute to influential scholarly discourse and practical applications that extend beyond academia to impact the banking sector and society at large.
  • A supportive setting for personal and professional development, including opportunities to gain valuable international and corporate experience and exposure.
  • A collaborative and innovative atmosphere where you can challenge yourself, grow your expertise, and make a tangible difference in the field of economics.



Apply online through the e-recruitment system before the application deadline (see above). We do not accept late applications or applications that are not submitted through the online system.

Your application must include the following documents:

  • In the field ‘CV’: your CV and an overview of your study results (merged into one pdf file)
  • In the field ‘Cover letter’: A max 2-page cover letter explaining your interest in the project and how your background fits the research focus. Pdf format.
  • In the field ‘Diploma’: a transcript of the required degree (if already in your possession). If you have a foreign diploma in a language other than our national languages (Dutch, French or German) or English, please add a translation in one of the mentioned languages.
  • In the field “other documents”: (optional) Two reference letters and contact details for references

Note that the maximum file size for each field is 10 MB.

As Ghent University maintains an equal opportunities and diversity policy, everyone is encouraged to apply for this position.


For more information about this vacancy, please contact dr. Milan van den Heuvel ( and Prof. Koen Schoors ( Important: do NOT send your application by email, but apply online.

Do you have a question regarding the online application process? Please read our FAQ or contact helpdesk ( - tel. 09/264 98 98).

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Scientific researcher (27080)
Datore di lavoro
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 33 Gand, Belgio
Scadenza candidatura
2024-05-31 23:59 (Europe/Brussels)
2024-05-31 23:59 (CET)
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Informazioni sul datore di lavoro

Ghent University is one of the top 100 universities in the Dutch language area, with more than 44,000 students and 15,000 staff members.

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