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Competition for the Conferral of N. 2 Fixed-term Private Law Contracts as “Assistant Professor” in the Department of Computing Sciences of Università Commerciale “Luigi Bocconi” of Milan

2024-03-17 (Europe/Rome)
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Article 1

Università Commerciale “Luigi Bocconi” of Milan, according to ex article 24 of the Law 30th December 2010, n. 240 and using the methods explained in its regulations “Regulation governing Bocconi University’s procedures for selection of Assistant Professors”, emanated with the Rectoral Decree n. 105 of 21st December 2022, announces a competition for the conferral of 2 fixed-term private law contract as Assistant Professor, to carry out research, teaching and assistance for students, with the following characteristics:

Type of contract: Assistant Professor contract, ex article 24, of the law 240/2010

Duration: six year contract

Starting date: September 1st, 2024

Department: Department of Computing Sciences

Competition sectors: 01/B1 INFORMATICS

Scientific Sectors: INF/01 Informatics

Article 2

Admission Requirements

Candidates for the Assistant Professor position must be scholars with a PhD or equivalent degree in Computer Science or closely related areas, carried out in Italy or abroad.

University professors and researchers who have already been employed under a permanent contract, even if having ceased service, are excluded from participation in the selection procedure, as are persons who have already served for three years or more under a contract of tenure-track fixed-term researcher referred to in point 3 of art. 24 of Law 240/2010, 2022 version.

Relations or kin, up to and including 4th grade, with a professor who is part of the Department asking for the vacancy, as well as with the Rector, General Director or a component of the University Board cannot apply.

Applicants should also demonstrate the capacity for exceptional research achievement and the ability to teach effectively in undergraduate, masters, MBA and PhD programs. Experienced candidates should have an established track record of successful research and teaching.

Article 3 


Applications, addressed to the University Rector according to the on-line application form, must be sent electronically via the site “”, by 23:59, 17th March, 2024 (Italian time).

The following documents must be attached to the electronic application: 

  1. a scientific curriculum, including a list of titles and publications (you should indicate here your research periods abroad);
  2. a Research Statement, i.e. a description of one's objectives and experiences in research and service activities for the scientific community.
  3. publications and documents which the candidates intend to submit for this evaluation, up to a maximum of five;
  4. list of three highly qualified academic referees providing a reference letter.

For any problem related to uploading the files, the candidate can contact

If the candidate has any other roles, they must attach a declaration stating the type of position and role currently being carried out.

Any possible externally paid roles may only be carried out after authorization by the Academic Bodies of Bocconi University, according to the current regulations of the University. 


Selection Procedure

In order to carry out the selection, the Department uses a Committee, nominated by the Department, designated by the respective regulations of the Department, chaired by a Full Professor as Head of the Junior Job Market, having heard the Dean of the Faculty. The composition of the Committee will be such as to ensure the presence of a Bocconi tenured professor affiliated to the same Competition Sector or one close to the one advertised in the current Call for Position.

For hiring via the National and International job market, the evaluation of the applications will be carried out by the Committee, who will draw up a short list of candidates. The short list of candidates to be interviewed must be between 10 and 20 percent of the applications, and in any case the number of interviews cannot be smaller than the minimum between 6 and the number of applications, if the applications are deemed eligible according to the Competition Sector advertised, as reported by the attachment B of the MD 855/2015. 

Each candidate will be interviewed in person or via conference call, according to International Job Market practices to assess their teaching and research abilities and interest in covering the Assistant Professor position. The interviews will be hold in English.

Deserving candidates will be invited to the University to carry out a series of interviews in the Department and to give a seminar based on their research (fly out). These interviews as well as the seminar might be carried out via conference call.

At the end of the selection process the Department Board, with agreement from the Dean of the Faculty, will write an overall evaluation for each candidate, forming a table of eligible candidates which will be published on the University website.

For eligible candidates, the University, following the proposal of the Department, has the possibility to make an offer which must explain: the contract type a) or b), teaching load required, requested scientific commitments in terms of minimum publications requested, proposed salary, which cannot be less than the minimum amount as laid down by article 24 of the Law 230/2005. It must also indicate the deadline by which the candidate must communicate his/her acceptance of the offer.

If the candidate accepts the offer, the University will draw up a fixed term, private law contract.

As established by its 202125 Strategic Plan, Bocconi University is committed to pursuing its chief objectives in research and instruction in a physical and intellectual environment in which all – students, faculty, staff – receive, and offer to others, equal opportunity, dignity and treatment, irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, age or economic condition. To this purpose the present Call, together with all of Bocconi University’s Regulations for selection, will respect the crosscutting principles prescribed by EU Regulation 2021/241, in particular the principles of gender equality, protection and valorization of young people and of the overcoming of regional disparities.

Article 5 

Rights and Duties of the Assistant Professor

The Assistant Professor contract lasts for six years and starts from September 1st, 2024 

The Assistant Professor will have the following commitments: 

  • Teaching activity, in their given scientific sector, also assuming the responsibility for coordination course of multi-class courses, as agreed annually by the Academic Council, for a number of classroom hours equal to 105 hours/year, preparation of teaching material and assistance to students and checking of their knowledge. 
  • Research activity, also carrying out the scientific coordination, within research projects developed by the Department of referral, as well as within the structure of research centers within the University, with the aim of producing an adequate number of scientific publications in prestigious sites, or considered to be such by the University, before the maximum duration of the current contract.

Mid-term Evaluation: The contract of Assistant Professor governs the mid-term assessment in accordance with the following procedures and purposes. 

At the start of the fourth year the activity conducted by the Assistant Professor will be evaluated, in line with the following parameters. 

- For the teaching activity, the Department considers the fulfillment of teaching obligations and assesses individual performance in accordance with procedures established by the University. 

- For the research activity, the Department evaluates the scientific works produced, including the working papers, ascertains whether they have been credibly submitted to prestigious journals, accords positive value to responses of the “Revise and resubmit” type and to any publication thereof. Participation as speaker at international conferences of exceptional prestige will also be taken into consideration. 

The outcome of such evaluation is formalized and communicated to both the Assistant Professor and the Dean of the Faculty

In the event of a positive mid-term evaluation the Department may activate the  procedure for tenure during the contract’s second three-year period. In such case the following parameters will be adopted. 

- For the teaching activity: fulfillment of teaching obligations and assessment of individual performance in accordance with procedures established by the University. 

- For the research activity: evaluation of research projects conducted and ascertainment of the number of scientific publications produced. In particular, for conferral of tenure as Associate Professor an adequate number of scientific publications in prestigious venues or deemed equivalent thereto by the University and positive evaluations of the activities of teaching and service to students effected over the entire term of the contract are required.  The University will also evaluate the position of the Assistant Professor in the scientific community of reference through letters of assessment requested of referees, in part independent and in part indicated by the Department concerned.

Article 6 

Definition of the Relationship

The following elements will be subject to negotiation between the university administration and the winning candidate, according to the preceding articles:

  1. the economic conditions, within the limits imposed by the University Board; in any case the economic conditions cannot be less than the Ministerial tables dictated for Confirmed University Researchers with a National Role according to article 24 of the Law 240/2010; 
  2. the teaching and research obligations according to the model outlined in article 5 of this announcement; 
  3. an additional sum for relocation, for candidates coming from EU or non EU countries, within the parameters fixed by the University Board.

The Assistant Professor will be subscribed to the obligatory national insurance fund INPS (ex CPDEL).

The Assistant Professor will also receive the company benefit of a health insurance policy, defined by the Administration.

The gross salary will be paid, net of the legal deductions based on the applicable Italian laws, in 12 monthly post-dated payments, plus an extra 13th payment, in addition to the share of employee severance pay, which will be paid at the end of the contract.

Art. 7

Treatment of Personal Data

In accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) n. 679/2016, all personal data supplied by candidates to the International Faculty Office, both in electronic and paper format, is exclusively for evaluation purposes and to publicize the acts related to the current evaluation procedure and the conferral of an Assistant Professor position as detailed in this announcement, for statistical purposes and scientific research. 

Article 8


This current competition announcement is published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale, on the website of Università Bocconi - Faculty and Research\faculty recruiting\job market positions and on the MUR and EU websites. A copy of the announcement is available from the International Faculty Office. 


 (dott. Riccardo Taranto)

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Competition for the Conferral of N. 2 Fixed-term Private Law Contracts as “Assistant Professor” in the Department of Computing Sciences of Università Commerciale “Luigi Bocconi” of Milan
Datore di lavoro
Via Sarfatti Milano, Italia
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2024-03-17 23:59 (Europe/Rome)
2024-03-17 23:59 (CET)
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